Chris R. Parish


You get what you ask for, so what do you want?

I see so many people losing themselves in their dreams of a better life. So lost that they do not live in a reality they want but live in a reality they are sold. The negative energy the surrounds that reality keeps them scratching the surface for more. Because they are not getting what they really truly want, instead they are only getting bits and pieces and are left hungry for more.

People are sold the new phones and the new headsets and game systems every day. And are always saying if I just had this or if I just had that I would be happy. They don’t get it! Even when they do get this or they do get that they are only happy in the moment. That’s nice because tomorrow a new phone or a new headset or a new game system is released! They can be happy again! Happiness is not in material things.

Guys, we want and want and want until we die! Then we want to live and we want to spend more time with family. It’s too late now! We want to put down the new phone or the game system. We want more out of life. We want to go back! We can’t because it’s too late! We’re Dead! You never know what you have until it’s gone and it’ll go quickly. I’m sure you’ve heard that many of times and still haven’t heard it at all!

You get what you ask for! What do you want?

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