Chris R. Parish


Yesterday is gone!

Did something happen yesterday that you don’t agree with? Did yesterday leave you moping around? Fuck yesterday! Yesterday is gone. Today is an opportunity to change what you didn’t like about yesterday. Leave it where it is. Be the person you were meant to be today. Don’t dwell in the past!

You hear the saying, never forget where you came from? It means where you came from made you who you are today. So live today as if it was your last day on earth. Because you never know, it just may be. No regrets just do! Live!

I woke up this morning thinking about yesterday. Nothing crazy happened yesterday but I was thinking about it. Thinking about what I did. I read through some of the two books that I’ve been reading. I wrote my little post on my website. I did some networking on facebook and twitter. I hung out with my daughter for a bit, she’s 6! Imagine what we played with! I went for a run! All that AFTER my day job! But nevermind yesterday.

What can we do today that blows yesterday out of the water? Let me tell what I’m doing today to destroy yesterday. Eye doctor, not that fun right? Pizza, yeah! Arcade games, yeah! Amusement rides, Yeah! All in one place, even better. Yes, that tops yesterday and probably all weekend. Hmmm..Fuck yesterday!

What are you doing now that yesterday is gone? Don’t wait until tomorrow to do something great. Remember tomorrow is always coming but never gets here. Yesterday is history and now is present. A present in which you can open every moment of your life!

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