Chris R. Parish


Who are you meant to be?

Who are you meant to be? A store clerk greeting every customer by name? A truck driver hauling goods across the country. No matter who it is you are, be you!


There is no need to fake it until you make it. What exactly doesn’t that mean anyway? You either can do it or you can not, it’s that simple. You could be a mom, dad, son, or daughter, you could actually play multiple roles. There is an unlimited supply of things you could be. As long as you’re being you, being who you were meant to be – a title doesn’t matter. You’re just the store clerk that calls me by my name, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I love the respect! Hell, I even get called Jeremy at a local store – it’s funny – I don’t want to say anything because she’s being respectful. Although, it wouldn’t take much to learn my real name. Sorry, Sally!

When you were a kid, or maybe you still are, who did or do you want to be? I wanted to be a detective, I loved how they would just run around piecing puzzles together to solve crimes. I guess I kind of am a detective, piecing the world together one mind puzzle piece at a time. Are you who you were meant to be? I’ve seen some people spend their whole life being someone else, and only when they were dying did they finally express themselves. Only then did they do the things they wanted to do. Only then did they be who they always dreamed about being. Don’t wait until you can’t be the person you’re “faking,” to be the person you are meant to be! Although, spending a little time being you before you die isn’t so bad, either. As long as you get to experience what it was like, right?

If you are a store clerk and hate your job and you’re thinking about getting another job, keep this in mind – what do you think about doing while at work? Because it’s what you should be doing anyway. You should find a way to profit from doing that of which you think about all day long, you are what you think about. I think about writing. I get inspired by some of the simplest things. I stop to view the world from the perspective of the wind. I watch the wind blow a plastic bag until the bag is gone or no longer moves. I observe the age of a building from the tears it had once cried from when the rain storm beat down on it. I see a tree as a secret holder, withholding history and watching history unfold. I am me, and me I am. Who are you and who are you meant to be?

Never answering that question of who am I can haunt you for a lifetime. Searching the internet isn’t going to help, searching within yourself will. Look inside yourself. Look through your past and see what held your attention the most. More than likely you’ll find who you were meant to be if you haven’t already. Remember, having all the money in the world wouldn’t solve your problems, it would just create more. The less you have the more value it holds. The more respect you have for the things in your life and you’ll have a better chance at finding who you were meant to be. Maybe you can profit from it and enjoy the life you want, who knows!


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