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Where does your heart lie?

Finding where your heart lies is a lifelong journey. People all across the world are looking for the next great thing or moment in their lives. There is so much to do and so much keeping us busy, grabbing our attention damn near 24/7. How do we have the time to even find where our heart lies? How can we feel important?


It’s a scary thought when you feel you haven’t found your life’s purpose and you’re thinking about your death. Yes, it hasn’t happened, yet. It will and the closer you are to where your heart is the happier you’ll feel. We all have things in our lives we love to do, cooking out on a warm sunny day, reading the next great book, spending quality time with our families, and much, much more. Where do we find the time to search for where our hearts lie?

Most of us wake up every day to prepare for a job the pays our bills. A lot of people hate their jobs and still go into work day in and day out. They work their life away in search of finding themselves through their everyday lives. Problem is, though, you’ll have to get lost to find yourself and getting lost is the hardest thing to do. Why? Because we all hold our life as important to other people not realizing that we’re only important when they think we are. Sad, I know, but true. Where is the heart in that?

Where does your heart lie in this busy world?

We find the time to find where our heart lies by simply slowing down. We get caught up in today’s busy world and time just passes us by. When we openly admit that we’ve been here the whole time and that our attention has been held by others we can actively put a stop to it by saying, “NO MORE” and by taking charge of our lives. Our heart lies in the middle, the middle of everything we do. Our heart lies in the middle of our chest, beating hard, pumping blood through the life we live. We forget we are in control and that we allow others to take charge. So pause a moment and collect YOUR thoughts, don’t let others think for you because nobody thinks you’re important until they do. I know you feel broken, hell we all do at times, but remember even a broken clock is right sometimes.

Finding where your heart lies isn’t so simple. Finding where you are, though, is. Take a moment and breath and look at the beautiful world around you, see the people, see the trees, see the sky and most importantly, see yourself. Your heart lies within you and sharing it with others is a must. Life is so much better when you have someone to share it with. So do something worth sharing, open your heart and ask yourself, “are you important?” Because nobody thinks you’re important until you do.



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