Chris R. Parish


Wearing the Green

Growing up, on St. Patrick’s Day, wearing green meant not being pinched by your peers. Who want’s to be pinched anyway? I remember hiding my green color so that when I was pinched I could pinch back. That’s how the game was played, right? Well, even if it wasn’t, I still enjoyed annoying my friends.


What other green could we wear? Money? Yes. Wearing money is what we do all the time. Anything we buy cost us the green. I was always told by my Grandmother that money was the root of all evil. Maybe she is right, I don’t know, but money does cause a lot of trouble in our lives. We fight with our spouses about money, we battle at work when our checks are incorrect. We even hurt people when shopping for the best deals because we can save money. We literally wear the green and live by it every day of our lives. It pays our bills, buys our food, and it also buys short-term happiness.

Money doesn’t grow on trees and money doesn’t talk, but money can make someone do something just to have it and money can grow if invested properly. How does this work? Let’s see, money is a motivator. It motivates people daily. You get up out of bed bright and early to make money. You’ll spill the beans on someone if it paid enough and for some, enough is not much at all.

What has got me talking about money? It was wearing the Green on St. Patrick’s Day. Because, nowadays, when someone says green, money is the first thing that comes to mind. Why? Because without money we couldn’t survive in today’s world. Without money, most people wouldn’t be doing what they are doing for a living. I don’t understand why we don’t do what makes us happy. We mostly do what makes everyone else happy and we go and die a slow and miserable death. NO FUN!

This St. Patrick’s Day I want you to do me a favor. I want you to NOT settle for what you can get, but shoot for what you want instead and don’t let the second best win you over. Many times I’ve settled for what I could get and never went after anything else. Used tires on my truck are what I used to settle for. It was cheaper and I was cheap. But after a while, after many times to the tire shop to fix my tires, I said to hell with it and bought brand-new tires. I haven’t looked back since. I actually saved money buying the new ones. Why didn’t someone tell me that before? I was looking to get the best cheap tire and in doing so, I spent more money in the long run. Buying new I actually saved money in the long run. The extra money saved is sitting in the bank drawing interest. I was making money by not buying cheap tires. Who would have known?

Don’t settle for less when the best is within reach. Go get the best on St. Patrick’s Day and every day afterward. And remember the green you could be saving in the long run. You know, money really does talk, and grow, and motivate, and my Grandmother was right, money is the root of all evil. But money is also the root of all good – in today’s world anyway. Wear your green, love your neighbor and smile because of the feast you’re about to have at no or little cost to you, is a celebration of people. Oh, and don’t get pinched. Wink!

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