Chris R. Parish


Understand Richness!

The search for wisdom is never too far away! The lord has programmed us all with the wisdom that is needed to succeed at anything!

People disagree that they can control their own lives and do what it is they want to do. That is why they must eat the bitter fruit of living their own way! They must experience the full terror of the path they have chosen. Yes, that is from Proverbs chapter 1 verse 31. That is truth being spoken and yet we don’t listen!

We are full of knowledge and yet we don’t know anything. It’s beautiful isn’t it – our stupidity! No joke, we can have everything in our dreams and desires, we can have everything we ever wanted. We just have to go get it! Make it happen even when everyone keeps telling us we can’t. We just need guidance and maybe a little nudge! That nudge has to come from within you, though! You have to find something to motivate you! What’s your motivator? My family is my motivator! No more negativity, none!

When you know where to look, you will find the right course of action every time! The bible speaks a lot of truth and wisdom but we put it away for simple-minded things. The facts are in front of us and fed to us in spoonfuls but we don’t swallow, we don’t eat! Instead, we starve ourselves and die from regret! Don’t live in regret because you are scared of being great, in fear of doing something great! A pat on the back is nothing compared to changing the world, that’s something! We cannot depend on our own understanding. We have to have some type of guide to push ourselves in the right direction! Find your guide, a bible, a person, or your guide could be you!

Happy is the person you finds wisdom and gains understanding. It’s all from the bible I tell ya, but you don’t listen, you’re not hearing me! Don’t take my word for it, look it up! Do your own search and find the understanding you need to better your life. I’ve been on this mission to better people when I noticed things being too negative. The thoughts that are on people’s minds are keeping them down. We are poor and to be rich you have to understand! Understand that your thoughts are what controls your reality!

Jesus spoke with authority every time he said anything. He knew all the secrets to living in heaven. By heaven, I mean your thoughts. He was rich, this Jesus! He knew how to talk to himself and by doing so – he was able to help much more people! When he healed the sick he did it with faith. Because of your faith, you are healed! If you just believe in yourself you can do great things! You can do whatever your soul desires and, you can have anything you want! There are no limits to what you can do when you know you are in control! Your richness is with you all the time waiting on you to “make it rain” do something with it!

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