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Tomorrow Never Comes!


We can sit and talk about what we are going to do tomorrow all day long. Problem is, tomorrow never comes. We have to start today, right now!

When you’ve decided to make a change in your life and you schedule it to start tomorrow, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Don’t wait until tomorrow to do something spectacular. You don’t want to regret tomorrow for what you could have done today.

Start doing great things today. You could start right now, don’t even read any more of this post. Get up and start doing something. Don’t use the excuse that you don’t have time. You always have time to make the RIGHT choices in your life. Make those choices now!

Are you stuck?

It’s difficult to make changes in your life when you feel your life is not too bad. You see yourself as one way and yet the way you’re living just isn’t so bad. You don’t want to mess up a good thing. That’s understandable. You just need to let go of what you want, you need to learn to love what you have because you are stuck. You can’t even look forward to tomorrow and if you’re afraid that if you made any major life decisions you’d fuck up what you have. Let me tell you now, while you’re searching for tomorrow, tomorrow never comes.

You need to make the choice as to what you want, do you want to be stuck or do you want to live a life you always dreamed of? Waiting for something great to happen isn’t going to cut it. You have to create the greatness in your life. Nothing just falls in your lap unless you’re doing something to make it fall into your lap. You can’t have the cake and eat it too. It’s literally impossible, I don’t care what anyone else has told you. No cake, none.

Question Your Life!

If you can sit in somewhere and think about what you have. Sit and question everything in your life. Ask yourself why you have what you have. Answer it with the most honest answer you can give. Remember, it’s you you’re lying too. Question why you have the big screen television? Why do you have that fancy new truck? Answer them with honesty and remember your integrity. No one is watching, it’s just you. Are these the answers you’re looking for? Move on if it isn’t.

We sometimes want things in our lives that don’t make sense after we’ve acquired them. We want a huge TV in our living room, but after we’ve bought it, it just doesn’t make sense there. Or we wanted that nice fancy new truck but gas prices are killing our bank account. Sometimes we don’t think through the art of buying and we find ourselves suffering because of it. Question your life, all the time.

If today was tomorrow!

If today was your tomorrow and it’s now time to make your change. What could have you done yesterday to make things easier today? You could have started yesterday that way today would be such a bore. You could have started running a week ago instead of waiting for today. You could have met your weekly goal a day early. How does that sound? We always schedule the shit we want to do for tomorrow or a week or next month from now. The thing is, when the time comes we begin to dread the moment. You can avoid that by making the decision today and starting now. Because if today was tomorrow you would be planning to make the change tomorrow.

Stop talking and make the change today because tomorrow never comes.

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