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Struggles Make You Stronger!

The struggles of today are,




1) Waking up every day, early or late, whichever you prefer, just to go to work to make money in order to pay your bills, because, let’s face it, they’ll never stop coming. Paying your bills such as electric, water, and heat are necessities, you really do not want to live without those.

2) Trying to do too many things at once. You do this every day, I’m sure, it’s easy to get caught up with a million to do’s added to your list. Sometimes, though, you just have to say, no! Once you’ve completed 90% of the shit on your list, then, and only then, take on more.

3) Too much social media!
I know that social media has become a big part of our lives, but, there comes a time to put it down and enjoy your surroundings. Look up now and see what you are missing! You see that? That’s life passing you by!

I wrote all that to tell you this, life’s a bitch! Struggles are real, and they can make you stronger! How do they make you stronger? I only have one reason, and that reason is, struggles teach you something.

When you are struggling, you think harder about what you should have done. You think about how things could have been different if you would have made different choices. Next time around, you won’t make the same mistakes or moves. You’ll learn from your struggles, they do make you stronger.

A good example of learning from your struggles would be, leaving a job before you’ve gotten another. If you plan on quitting your job, be sure you have another, or you’ll have more hell than you are having at your current job. I’ve been there, I’ve quit a job before I had another and believe me, it wasn’t fun. The struggle I went through because of it one of the biggest learning experiences of my life. The struggle was real, too real. I never knew if I would have enough money to feed my family, that was daily.

Back when I wasn’t working, well, I was working, but nothing steady. My family didn’t starve, I did go and find odd jobs…It was a pain. I knew while I was working those odd jobs, I didn’t want to be in a situation like that again. I didn’t want to be hunting the next meal, struggling to pay bills. I lost my car, I was stressed to the core, and for what? All because I thought the job I had was going to kill me. The only thing that was killing me was stress, and I had more after I didn’t have a job.

I’m glad I went through the struggle of not working a steady job, having the income that I did and not saving anything taught me the value of the money. Which is, you can always make more. Because I did, I finally got another steady job. Money is the by-product of something you do. Since I’ve learned that, I spend all my free time creating, creating another source of income. Call it what you will, but, struggle and learn. Struggles make you stronger.

If you are a big social media freak, don’t quit. Just spend some time living in “real life”, because you never know, you may accidently make it somewhere. If and when you do, help people through their struggles. Let them know they are not alone.

Save a life, strength starts with you and hopefully ends with you building someone else’s emotional states. Love, peace, and harmony are hidden within the struggles we face and the struggles we face are our crosses to bear.

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