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Reaching My Dreams

When I see myself looking for a story to tell, I wonder if that’s what I should be doing, looking for a story to tell. I love writing, the creation of a story, and I especially love that sometimes, completely different topics can come together to serve one main purpose, it’s amazing.

I want to spend more time reaching my dreams.


I find myself looking for a story so much that I end up squeezing my writing into about 15 to 20 minutes. Some of my stories turn out great and then there’s those that, I think I could have done better if I would have given myself more time. Yet, I still post them and carry on. But, later on, I beat myself up a little bit, well, at least I made my quota, right?

I set a limit for myself. One post a day, then it was one post a day that was at least 500 words.

There are other things I want to be doing as well, and finding the time to do all the other things while still focusing on my writing started to become difficult.

I want to read more…I found the time for reading early in the morning before work. It has worked out perfectly. I want to do more research for my stories…normally when something comes to mind I jot it down somewhere and research when I have the chance. It’s nice but I need to figure out a new system for that. I want to write more on the book I’ve been wanting to write for about a year now…to do that and all the other shit, I have decided to post at least one post a week on my blog, instead of once a day like I’ve been doing. I’ve been posting one every single day for almost 3 months. I set the rules and upped my game a little when I started. The whole at least 500-word post. It’s nice, but I want to work more on my book and to do that I need to focus the majority of my attention on writing for the book. I will be posting on my blog, at least one post a week.

I’d really like to get the book done before Summer hits. Spring has already crept out of Winter and has shown his face. It’s scary because it’s a reminder that life is ticking by and I haven’t done what I set out to do, which is to tell the story of work and family.

I’m now going to focus on work and family and will share my journey with you with at least one post a week. Forgive me if you expect something from me daily. I do hope you will accept my weekly dose of positivity and please look back in the archives to find more positive post. I will keep them coming while bringing actual books to the market. I know I have those little books on Amazon Kindle and their great, but, I want more for you guys, my family and myself. I want the world Chico and everything in it! I want to tell the story in more ways than my blog and Amazon Kindle. To do that I need to focus on what I actually set out to do – write the book I’ve been wanting to read. A book about life, a book about work and family.

With all that being said and written, I’ll see you guys next week with a piece from the book for you to read on the blog. I hope you accept my weekly dose and please look into the archives for more post to read.

Stop reaching for your dreams and reach them.

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