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Halito! I am Chris Parish, writer!

What's up everybody? I'm Chris, I'm a writer and I love to help motivate people to think differently about improving themselves!

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C. R. Parish, writer! - About


Hey, people, I’m Chris Parish, a writer. Not just any writer. I am your motivational writer.

I want to motivate you to better yourself so you can better yourself and better someone else. I started this website to get me writing. I’ve started a website/blog many times before. Wrote a little bit here and there. But before you know it I deleted it. Over and over!

This time I decided I wouldn’t be just an image of what someone else thought of me. I would be myself. So with that, you get my crazy ass language. The language which my wife, Jennifer, has told me many times to watch! Maybe with my daughter, Keisha, in the room, yeah I can see that. But she needs to know her Daddy too. She’s not here right now so I’ll be the best fucking writer I can be and motivate your ass while you’re reading my shit!

So yeah, that sums of what you’re going to be getting from me here.

Be yourself, Be One!

Chris Parish

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