Chris R. Parish


Own your Adversities!

It starts with responsibilities. You have to own your bad decisions, your mistakes, any and all the bad situations you control. Ownership is leadership!

Success is found in the face of adversity. Every mistake we make is an opportunity to learn something. An opportunity to grow our knowledge and become a better person, a smarter person – the student becomes the teacher! There are people that don’t make mistakes and they also know everything! Don’t you love those people? I bet you do! Sarcasm! Those loony people never accept responsibility and never learn anything! How can you learn if you don’t first empty your cup?

Life is full of adversities, so full that they happen every day and even every second. Someone somewhere is experiencing some form of misfortune. Death, being one of those hardships, is unavoidable when it’s your turn. Face every day head on and don’t let any regret consume you or hold you down! You never know when your time is up! It’s sad but true! Own your adversities, be human!

You could get fired from your job tomorrow for something you shouldn’t be doing or for something you should be! Whether you do or not depends on your attitude towards ownership of your mistakes. Remember your integrity! What’s integrity? It’s doing what’s right even when no one is watching! What are you doing? Is it against your morals? What are the principles you live by? Everyone makes bad decisions! It’s human nature for us to fuck up every now and again! It’s how you deal with the outcome of those bad decisions that makes all the difference in your life.

Know that our fuck-ups can make things difficult for others. We have to show remorse for our wrongdoing. We don’t want to leave the problem we caused in the hands of others. We must take it and if possible fix the problem! We can have regret but don’t live with it, live with your responsibilities! Show you care because we all know deep down, you do care!

It’s human to make mistakes! It’s human to take life by the balls even in the tough times. It’ll show your true character when you take the blame even if all the blame isn’t yours to take.

Leaders take the blame! Own it and move on! Mishaps will happen, hell, they happen to me all the time while I’m writing. Doesn’t bother me, I’m only human! I accept that I screwed things up and continue on. I learn and relearn!

Moral of the story is to own your mistakes. Everybody makes them and it takes real integrity to own up and continue to lead! Life goes on until it doesn’t. Live your life to the fullest and don’t dwell on your bad decisions. Keep your head up and say, yeah, I fucked up but you know I learned something too. Because that’s how you learn! You fall off the bicycle but you get up and go again! We grow into the person we were born to be. Own your adversities and be yourself while doing so!

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