Chris R. Parish


No Wisdom, No Fear!

Do you have thoughts that you just can’t shake? Is something always on your mind that keeps you from being everything you know you can be? I bet you do, hell, we all do. We all have some sort of trouble or pain in the neck problem that we just want to get away from. The time has come to shake those problems once and for all. That’s the type of day I’ve had today. I finally got my devil removed and I feel great about it.


Devil? Yes, this wisdom tooth has been on my nerves for months. I ignored it for long enough. I only felt pain while I was eating, but I knew it was there, waiting, bugging, stalking me daily. No more I said, no more. I will no longer tolerate you sizzling, waiting to pounce. No more devil on my side. No more taking it easy because of you, wise toothy! Not so smart after all are you? Who named them wisdom teeth anyway?

We all have problems and we all have a choice. Let’s make the choice today and rid ourselves of the problems of tomorrow. There is no need for us to suffer when we are perfectly able to solve our problems today, even right now. Make the choice, be free now rather than later. Don’t let your problem escalate into something you’ll regret. Days could turn into weeks and weeks into months. Don’t let that happen because your happiness depends on you.

I want to be happy. I strive to be happy and I strive to show others they too can be happy. Because happiness is a choice. Let’s choose to be happy and cut our problems out or have the doc do it. Let’s get rid of those problems, those unwanted painful teeth, those pain in the neck people who seem to enjoy causing you trouble. Get out of my life. Go ahead and make a stand today and say I will be free and, be free!

Remember, the problems we have are all solvable. All we have to do is asked ourselves the question, which is, will I be happier without this pain, this struggle, this problem, these people? You and I know the answer is going to be, YES! Yes, it is going to make you happier to rid yourselves of the struggles you’ve been putting yourself through. Who does that? We all do.

The moment I found out the dentist could remove my tooth today, I jumped right on it. It wasn’t planned to be pulled out but I surely let them use their little pliers and remove that pain in the ass tooth. Now, tomorrow I will be a new man, free to chew with all teeth and pain-free. Why did I wait so long? Fear. Fear kept me from facing the reality that life could be better. Don’t let fear hold you back. Face your fears head on. The only thing to fear is fear itself, right? The true reality is that there is nothing to fear until you feel fear and mostly you will never actually feel fear itself.

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