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Making Mistakes on Purpose!

Life is a revolving door of change. Change can come from mistakes, and mistakes can happen on purpose. Making mistakes is how we learn in this rapidly changing but never changing world, by trial-and-error! If you’re making a cake and it fails, turn it into pudding.


First and foremost, before I go any further, know one thing…I want you to stop and look around. Do you see life? It can all end at any moment. Even the best angels fall. The most alive person could die, without a moment’s notice. You or me, your cousins, aunts, uncles, brothers or sisters, sons and daughters, moms and dads. Love them all and love yourself. When we make mistakes, whether they affect anyone else or not, we realize something, we realize we are still alive. And that’s a beautiful thing.

Try New Things!

When we try new things we are making mistakes on purpose. First things first, anytime we “try” anything, we set ourselves up to fail! Remember, Yoda said it best, “do or do not, there is no try!” However, we learn from the things we try to do. Eventually, we do those things and try disappears and our mistakes minimize. Mistakes are things we’ve done in the past we’ve learned from. Mistakes, including purposely “done” mistakes, shape our lives from an early age. Our parents begin guiding us into our life lesson mistakes which guide’s our choices that we make later in life.

We can choose to make mistakes in our lives, to stump our toes just to see if we are still kicking. You may think it’s crazy to make a mistake on purpose and I’m here to tell you, it’s crazy to think otherwise. Our parents made a mistake on purpose by sending us out on our bicycles for the first time knowing that we will fall and possibly bleed, but they knew we will learn to ride. They chose our mistake for us and we learned a valuable life lesson – which is if you fall, get up and do it again! We eventually rode our bicycles without fail and it made us happy, we all want to be happy!

Ease into life.

Upon trying new things we should just ease into it. I watched today, while at the lake, how the ducks ease into where they are heading in the water. They, one stroke at a time, move in a direction to what they are looking for – food! Sometimes, though, they do ease into the wrong things, and if they’re lucky enough, they’ll make it out and not become what they are looking for – food! Everything on earth is always trying new things, making mistakes, searching for what they want out of life. We as humans are no exception, we are God’s creation and this is how we are supposed to work, right along with all other creatures in the world. We are not mistakes, but mistakes guide our lives, daily. Some on purpose and some not so, and we learn to live with it all.

Adam and Eve learned to live with their mistakes. And because they did, we live like we do today. Not so bad if I may add. If you believe you are a mistake, remember this, we all are capable of making mistakes on purpose, who says God isn’t either. Wink!


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