Chris R. Parish


Life hurts either way!

Stop just talking about doing great things and do them! If you’re looking to be the person you always wanted to be then you’re not being that person! Don’t look for yourself, be yourself!

Go all in or do nothing at all. If you do nothing at all you’ll be nothing and nothing will come of yourself! Enough nothing, enough just talking, more doing and more being you! Great things do not appear out of just anywhere! You have to create them, make great things happen in your life!

You will stump your toe or hit your thumb doing great things and changing your world. But it hurts worse to stump your toe or hit your thumb doing something you don’t want to do! Life is going to hurt either way! You might as well hurt doing what you love, it sure beats the hell out of hurting while doing what you hate!

Consider this a wake-up call and stop thinking about doing this or that and go and do them! Who’s going to hate you for doing something great? No one, but you’ll hate yourself if you don’t do it now! Waking up ten years from now and if you haven’t made any decisions, you’ll regret it! That’s a promise!

Get up and march on. Break your routine and make your life yours!

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