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If you ever dreamed about becoming something great-keep dreaming. I don’t mean that in a bad way, I just want you to make your dreams a reality. Keep Dreaming! Never give up on your dreams even after you’ve accomplished them!

Let’s get into how you can learn to turn your dreams into a reality. I wish I knew exactly what your dreams were. It would make this edition to my blog a bit easier. Since I don’t know what your dream is, I will pretend your dream is to become a writer.

How I became a writer!

The one way to become a writer is to write. Pick up a pen and pad and begin to write something down. Or if you prefer a computer, then open Microsoft Word or notepad or whatever program you want to use and begin typing words into it. Guess what, you are now a writer. Just write, even if it doesn’t make any sense. You can always come back later and edit things out or add things in. You can always make your story better. It doesn’t take much to become a writer, all you have to do it write.

I used to dream of being a writer. I envisioned myself sitting in my study, writing, and reading and living the dream. Only one thing, I wasn’t writing like a should have been. I would write a little here and a littler there, I wasn’t a “writer”, I just wrote every now and then. And, half the shit I wrote never got finished. It wasn’t until recently that I begin being a true writer. I begin writing every day and sometimes I can’t stop writing. I keep jotting down notes when I hear something I could write about. It’s great. That’s how you become a writer, you just write.

Back in the early 2000’s, I wrote a book called Gerruso The Bringer of Death. I thought after I wrote it, that I would sell it and become a Published Author and would have no worries for the rest of my life. Sadly, it didn’t work out that way. I never sold the book to anyone except family. I was doing the writing thing for the wrong reasons. I see that now and I also see that I should be using my writing abilities to help humanity. That’s what I am doing now and what you see is what you get with me.

Making your dreams a reality!

As long as I am writing, my dream has become a reality. I am a writer, dreams do come true. I can now write and write even if nothing ever comes of it. Now, I have to work towards my next dream. Only time will tell if your dreams become more than dreams. As long as you keep doing what is required to make your dreams a reality, in due time, they will be. Your dreams will become a reality as long as you keep working towards them.

My new dream which falls into the writing category is to be a paid writer. I want to make a living doing what I love. To do that I have to sell something. So, I’ve been placing eBooks on the Kindle store for sale. In time, I’ll be a paid writer. It’s that simple, just follow the steps to make your dreams a reality. If you think there aren’t any steps, or, you cannot seem to find the steps, create them. Make your dreams a reality.


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