Chris R. Parish


Keep moving forward!

How do you keep moving forward in a world that just wants to stand still because of fear? The only way to conquer fear is to face it. The only way to overcome laziness is to conquer it! Keep yourself moving. Moving forward, moving into the new year. Moving!

The bible talks about not letting the world pollute you in James 1:27. Don’t get yourself caught up in those negative thoughts. Don’t let them consume you. Don’t ingest even a crumb of negativity. Keep moving towards positivity! Surround yourself with optimism, immerse yourself with optimism! Say not no, but HELL NO to fuckin’ pessimism.

So how do we keep moving forward? By fighting and kicking the ass of any pessimistic attitude that comes our way! We fuckin’ murder it right then and there and keep breathing life into moving forward with our positive attitude. Yeah, but how do we do it?

The simple answer’s not easy! You have to win the battle, the struggle, to be positive when everything seems to be going the opposite way. Stop looking at the trees and see the forest. Stop looking at the reason for not moving forward and move forward while you’re cutting down the trees!

Have a happy New Year and keep moving toward your goals!

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