Chris R. Parish


It’s all about the Journey!


Climbing the mountain’s in our lives can be a struggle sometimes. They could cause us so much stress and make us want to give up! So many people are pulling for our attention that it seems that some of the journeys never end. Motivate yourself to continue the journeys in your life no matter what challenges come your way. Take them on head first and show them who’s boss!

Out of nowhere comes a splash of motivation. Suddenly, I look up, wow, I’m ready to jump start the life I dreamed of living. I can’t sleep so I go for a run. Mile after mile the drive doesn’t leave me. The power I feel through it all is amazing. I can see, no, I can taste the future. It’s within my reach, I envision myself touching it. I know where I want to be and I am making my way there. It’s going to take time, I understand that now. Yes, I should have started years ago, but I’ve started now and the journey will continue. It’s a journey I’m willing to take for the rest of my life, even if I never make it. The journey is what it’s about anyway. If you could skip the journey you wouldn’t want the outcome, correct? If you never fell off the bike, you probably wouldn’t know how to ride today, am I right? It doesn’t matter how fast you get there, it doesn’t matter what’s waiting on the other side, it’s the climb! That’s from Miley Cyrus’s song–the climb–written by Jessi Alexander and Jon Mabe! It’s so true that song!

Your journey, the climb, doesn’t have to be major. It could be some minor thing like getting up out of bed at 6 am. You have to figure out the journey of doing so, daily. If you could simply get up at 6 am every morning without the work, it wouldn’t even matter to you then. Think about it, you getting up every morning at the same time day in and day out. Sounds kind of boring doesn’t it? Now, think about getting to bed at 10 pm to get up at six. You’ll have to plan your day accordingly, every day, just to be on schedule. That doesn’t sound boring, that’s a journey! Your climb to the other side!

As a writer, the journey is always in the story. The little stuff doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what type of computer I use, it doesn’t matter if I hand write it first or not. It doesn’t matter if I had to borrow someone else’s wifi to upload the story. The only thing that matters to you, the readers, is the story and the story is the journey. The journey is great as the writer because you never know where the story may take you. An example would be this post you’re reading now, I didn’t start writing about a journey, I started with motivation. The story fell into what it is now, a story about enjoying the journey and being motivated to do so because the journey is all that matters.

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