Chris R. Parish


Inhale or Walk Away!

When your back is up against the wall and it appears that there is nothing you can do, look within yourself! In there somewhere you’ll find what matters the most to you. All your deepest thoughts are what control your most passionate feelings. Deep within our heart sits our desires. Those feelings are what life is all about. Life is the most amazing thing we are all given and we all take it for granted! Like we get unlimited lives!

Being cornered will open up what you’re passionate about and help you become the person you should be. I know what you’re asking yourself right now! What the fuck does being cornered mean? If you’ve reached a time in your life that it seems you can’t go anymore – that’s being cornered! It doesn’t take much to bring you to a state of awareness after that point! It’s just going to be very uncomfortable at first. Once it’s all said and done and everything is over, you’ll never regret it. You’ll be the person you always dreamed of being. I’m not just blowing smoke and giving you shit! I’m turning this “shit” into smoke and blowing it your way. Inhale or walk away, it doesn’t matter to me.

Those of you who do inhale these words and use them to benefit your lives, I applaud you! You are going to go and do great things. You have taken control of your life and are now the master! Great things are in your future because of what you do, not because of what you try to do! You are absolutely amazing and deserve what you get. We all do, whether we want it or not! Karma is a bitch but karma is getting what you ask for! Ask for the life you want!

If you do decide to just walk away and stick with what you know and can settle for what you have now – more power to ya! But you’re going to miss the opportunities that await you in pushing forward. Those opportunities that guide the rest of us and depending on what the plan is, things could change the world not only for you but for those around you! That’s the greatest thing in the world I think – changing someone else’s world because you’ve decided to change yours.

I changed my world by inhaling all the great things I could teach or allow someone to feed me. I’m hungry right along with you guys! I started really pouring my heart and soul into this writing thing. It’s nothing new to me but I have never been as passionate about it as I am today! When I shared it with my family and they’ve used it and are motivated by it – it’s what it all boils down to – helping people. Writing really is a stress reliever! Inhale some good words today and stop living on the outside of the life you want! Write your goals down and inhale and continue on! Be the person you always wanted to be – not a sheep!

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