Chris R. Parish


Fuck Surviving, Thrive!

Do you want to survive or thrive?

Most of us wake up every day and just survive. We work enough to pay our bills and buy our wants. We call it getting by and that’s just all we ever do. Get By. Survive.

If you want to get anywhere in life then surviving should only be a starting point. We have to turn surviving into thriving. You have to be hungry for more and eat up everything you can. Surviving is for the little fish and I don’t want to be a little fish in a big pond, I’m want to be a Shark on the line! Taste that blood and feed, feed, and feed!

I want to grow and develop my writing skills as fast and as much as possible. How do I do that? By pushing to thrive instead of just trying to survive. Fuck Surviving when I can Thrive! No, fuck survival of the fittest and hello to thrival of the smartest! Tweet That! Word thirsty and ready to move forward and get out of the shallow waters and into the deep!

I’ve been hiding, changing what I write about then going back again. It’s been fuckin’ chaos because I keep putting a sensor on myself to keep an image people have of me. Not anymore, I’m no longer a survivor, I’m a thriver! I no longer want to wake up to just getting enough, I want it all. The world chico and everything in it! Scarface! Love it!

Have you ever noticed how people come to America and they don’t just get by, survive? They want to thrive. Because in America we have what is call the American Dream. Where you can go from nothing to having it all and then sometimes back to nothing. You have to watch what you are doing and in doing so, you can build an empire. Take over the world and everything in it!

Which do you want to do? Survive? or Thrive?

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