Chris R. Parish


Figure it out!

Most of us don’t know what we are doing. We get in line and wait our turn like the sheep we are! We don’t ask questions and sometimes we don’t even know why we are in line! Who is your master? Surely you’re not thinking for yourself, are you?

Have you ever asked yourself why you want the things you want? If you did, I’d bet the answer would be because everyone else has it. Everyone else has the iPhone, so I want it! Everyone else has the newest car so I want one. Everyone else has the new watch so I want one. Everyone else is jumping off a bridge, are you? Fuck no, because then you couldn’t complain about not having that new iPhone or that new car! Even on your death bed, you’ll be screaming everyone else has a life, I want one! You know, I had a boss one time that defined people as cattle. He told me that if a tree fell on the road everyone would pile up and look at it, no one would move it or go around it! Are you fucking hamburger meet? Figure it out!

Life is a beautiful thing, and the shit we acquire while life moves forward is meaningless! What matters most is family and friends.Well at least it should be anyway. If you could have just one person, place or thing before you died! As you are dying, what would it or where would it or who would it be? Ask yourself that question! Oh, and be honest with yourself! Who are you kidding! Remember your integrity! I bet the answer will scare the hell out of you! You’ll have to dig deep down, though, deep into your heart lies the answer to it all! When we are gone we can’t take anything with us, not even our life. Gone being dead! Dead being no longer wanting what everyone else has, except life so figure it out!

If you don’t know what you are doing, stop and figure it out. No longer do we need to run around like sheep or chickens with no head! Just step out of line and take a look at all the other assholes and ask questions! Questions like, why are we here? Where do I want to be? How is standing in this line with all these sheep going to get me what I want! Don’t be a sheep, be a wolf or at least figure out how and why! If you still aren’t able to answer those questions then maybe sheep-land is for you! Maybe you can’t be anything more than a simple little fur baby waiting in line for your Shepherd! It’s the way the lord wanted us anyway, right? The lord is my Shepherd I shall not want, I have everything I need! You can’t rightfully say that because you want the new iPhone or the new car! You have everything you need except for figuring out that you have everything you need!

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