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Fighting Addiction

Addiction. We all go through it. Been there, done that, right? I’m there now, coffee, early morning, have to have it, or do I?


This last week, my wife and I, had to teach my daughter about the power of addiction. She has acquired an addiction and she didn’t even know it. We, humans, are creatures of habit and because of that and the freedom of choice, we fall victim to addiction.

Our creator gave us the freedom of choice because we can not truly love or be happy without it. I don’t think God expected us to become addicts of anything except for maybe him. Unfortunately, we are addicts of many things, and we barely give thanks to God anymore. At supper, the other night, the wife and I explained what happened to Jesus because of our belief system. How he was killed because religion wouldn’t allow those of his time to believe he was the son of God and that his kingdom was not of this world. Question after question from a curious 7-year-old, we exhausted our resources and I put my foot down. “You my daughter have an addiction and you allow yourself an idol that isn’t of God”, I tell her in the most fatherly voice I could muster up at the time.

Addiction can be more than drugs. We can be addicted to some part of life. And it’s not all bad. We can actually control it if we realize that it’s taking over our lives. We have to be in control and not let our addictions control us. Put your brain on alert and take control of your addictions, everyone has one or two.

My daughter has many addictions, but I haven’t seen her like this before. She must really be into this different world. I must do something to help her, we as parents need to step up and aid in this stronghold over our daughter. She has to overcome this grip that has her trapped in the mind of it all. A virtual world of friends and frienemies.

I stand here today as if I’m William Wallace (Mel Gibson) from Braveheart, saying, “THEY MAY TAKE OUR MINDS, BUT THEY’LL NEVER TAKE OUR FREEDOM!”

My daughter’s addiction started in part because she wants to be like mom and dad. She sees her parents either playing on their phones or computers so it’s natural to follow the leader. She has become so obsessed we playing a game online that it’s consuming her childhood. Her every waking moment. We as parents need to set an example for our children and observe their behavior. In doing so we’ll learn a lot about how we are parenting and our own addictions. How are your kids doing compared to what you’re leading them to by example? Addiction is human and human is addiction. God created us in his image so that we could follow his lead, create and serve our creation. So next time your phone goes off, remember it’s not as important as your kids, your family, or yours and their lives. Stop addiction by observing your children.

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