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Every thought counts and adds what?

We humans are thinking machines. We come up with the greatest things for our race! Technology is killing it! Cell Phones and operation systems and cloud storage! We wouldn’t have all that wonderful stuff without someone thinking it up! Which brings me to, every thought counts and adds what? I’ve said before that you can think yourself into the nut house or you can think yourself into the White House. The thoughts are up to you! Both optimistic or pessimistic thoughts. What adds value to your life?

When we change negative thoughts into positive thoughts it’s like the sun rising in the morning. Beautiful! It adds value! It counts! When the sun rises it kills the darkness. The positive kills the negative. There can not be darkness where there is light. That’s why negative thoughts live in the shadows. They don’t add any value! They are always there. As long as you don’t shine any light on them, they’ll stay there. Lurking in the shadows!

It’s hard not to entertain those shadowy negative thoughts. I understand that. Look at it like this, though. If you walk into a dark room and can’t see a damn thing, your first thought is where the hell is the light? Now, picture entering that same room, but this time, the light is on. You don’t go, hey, where is the dark? No, you don’t, that’ll be stupid! You just keep moving as if nothing is the matter. We both know that’s a life we want. If you could keep the positive thoughts shining then the negative thoughts wouldn’t appear. No count, none!

What if you were able to look at life like that? Adding value with each and every thought. Plus one, plus two. Never looking for the dark, always living in the light. Plus three. If you can go every day asking yourself, where’s the light? Then life will be bright all the damn time. Where is your light and does it count?

You’ve heard that thinking negatively is easy. Because it is. I get that. It’s hard being positive when everything seems to be going against you. Negative one, negative two. It’s hard to get up and find the light when you want to see where you are going! Or, is it? Remember the dark room is only dark until you find the light and turn it on. Entertaining the light adds value. Our thoughts count. Let the sun shine! Open your eyes! Where is your light? Turn it on!

Every Thought Counts and Adds What?

There is so much shit that we are bombed with every day that keeps us from thinking. Thinking for ourselves. Adding value to our life. We don’t really truly think for ourselves anymore. We gave that away. We are controlled by the media. Whether it social or not. Our thoughts are not our own anymore and every thought counts.

Everybody should think for themselves. Make their own decisions when they want to make them. We are told to go and buy this or that, with the false promise of happiness. Plus one, plus two. Normally it’s us who make those false promises. We are telling ourselves, if I had this or that I would be happy. BULLSHIT! Stop giving your money away. Thinking for yourself adds value. Happiness is not in material things! Stop counting!

If you have this are if you have that, it’s only temporary happiness. Doesn’t add any value! Tomorrow, it’ll be something else, something new you want that’ll “make you happy!” No! If you want to be happy, then start with controlling your own thoughts. Stop counting your shit! Define what really makes you happy! A new toaster isn’t going to make you happy. Grant it, it’ll make your stomach happy! That counts!

So, everybody should control their thoughts. If you don’t want people coming into your house, you lock the door, right? Then I suggest you lock the door on your mind, then have people knock before entering. That way you can control who or what comes in. You control the thoughts and under your control adds value to what comes in.

Think about that! Think for yourself as everybody should!

You’ve heard it all before. How Jesus healed the sick and gave sight to the blind! He has forgiven those you trespassed against him. In thought or otherwise. We all can agree he was a good man! Is a good man. The second son of God! We pray to him almost daily right? That adds value! But does he really heal? Or does he show you how to heal? Where is the value in that?

It’s all there in the bible. Tales of healing and forgiving. Parable after parable. Time and time again we hear stories of healing even in today’s world. Jesus adding sight. Is Jesus still with us? Still healing the sick? Is it all in our heads? I think so. Maybe I’m wrong but hear me out. I’ll tell the story from the book of Mark, chapter 5, verse 24-34. Let me add some value! Open up and listen because every thought counts.

When a woman thought to herself, If I can touch his clothing, I will be healed. Her thoughts count! If she touched his clothing! Not Jesus, but clothing he was wearing, she would be healed—she believed! Immediately after touching Jesus’s clothing, her twelve-year hemorrhage stop bleeding and she felt healed! It didn’t wait until the next day or a week later, it was right then. NOW! She felt healed! No bleeding, none! Her thoughts counted and will continue. She added value to her thoughts.

Jesus realized that the healing power had gone out from him. He felt the power of healing leave him, so he asked the crowd, “Who touched my clothes?” not who touched me, but “Who touched my clothes?”

The woman revealed herself, she was in shock at what had happened to her! She went to Jesus and told him what she had done. “Jesus, I have touched your clothes because I believed it would heal me!” And Jesus told her, “Because of your faith, you are healed!” Because of your thoughts, you are healed!

Because of your faith, you are healed. Because she believed it would add value, she was healed. Her twelve-year hemorrhage gone. She is a brand new person as you could be too! Every thought counts and adds what? All you have to do is believe and it’ll be so. Have faith in yourself and you will be healed! Jesus heals, but he also shows us we can heal! We just need to believe and think ourselves better.

Believe in yourself when you want to move forward in life. Believe in yourself when you think everything isn’t going your way. Because your beliefs count. Believe Jesus! He says we can heal. Have faith and you will be where and who you thought you’d be!

When are you going to start being you? I bet you haven’t even begun to figure that one out! No value there! You haven’t got up off your ass and clarified who it is you want to be! Why Not? Get up and don’t make excuses! Think, because you know every thought matters. You can count on it!

You mustn’t wait to do. Choose now to get started. If not now! When? Do you want to achieve something? When your life is on its last breath—and it will be—what would you have wanted to achieve? Does it even matter? We know your thoughts do. Go ahead and write that shit down! Put as much detail as possible. If you want to have written a book then create the deadline to do it. Set your goal now and define how you’re going to achieve it. As Jeff Goins says, write 500 words a day. Determine how many words you need to complete your book. Every little thought counts. If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right!

So, set your deadline. Determine the number of words you need and write until you’ve reached your goal. Add value to a fully written book! You could set a 12-month deadline at a 35,000-word count. Take 35,000 and divide it by 12 months. That’s right around 105 words a day. You can do that now. I can count on that. If not now! When?

Success is different to a lot of people. Most people view a success as making a ton of money, some view a success as doing what they love. And guess what? Every thought, about that, also counts! What does a success mean to you? Have you ever defined what a success is to you? If not. Do it now! Count!

I found a success to be a thing that arouses feelings of intense and eager enjoyment!

I found a success to be a thing that arouses feelings of intense and eager enjoyment. I’m adding value! If you enjoy something you’re doing then you are successful. Right? A success means happiness at doing what you love. When doing what you love do you feel happy? Of course you do. I bet you are wondering how you can be successful at work? Thoughts count and my thoughts are love what you do! If you don’t love what you do, find what you love, by doing what you hate! Where’s the value in that! Think about it!

So what is a success?

Success is doing what you love. Success is having a ton of money and never worrying about paying your bills! Success is kicking it with your kids, just because you want to. I see value there. Success is not having a boss or just being your own boss. Success is happiness. Are you happy? Are you successful? You determine your own success. Your thoughts count. You determine your own happiness! Go be happy! Go Be Success! Succeed at what you want. Be what you want! Every good thought counts and adds value! Keep counting! Define your success!

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