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Every Money Maker Should Know This

We all know money doesn’t grow on trees. You can’t go out on your front lawn and pluck fifty bucks for the day. Oh, how it would be great if you could, though. People would be happier, wouldn’t they? Or at least they’ll think they would. What if I told you, you could plant money seeds?


How to Plant Money Seeds?

Many years ago I used to take my pickup to Wal-Mart for an oil change probably every three to four months. It didn’t matter if I had to wait a while for them to get to it, hell, I could do some shopping in the meantime. The reason I took my pickup to Wal-Mart Automotive was because they would vacuum my floor boards and place paper floor mats when they were done. They’d check my tire pressure and recommend a new tire if one was bad. They filled my fluids if needed and would even change my air filter and windshield wipers. I loved it. I would come back again and again because they planted a money seed. The did more than what was asked of them. Then, one time it changed. I did what I normally did – told them that I needed an oil change and the type of oil I wanted. They changed my oil as expected but I didn’t receive the service I once enjoyed. I didn’t get the vacuumed floor or paper mats. Nor did I get any recommendations like before, nothing, none. I was disappointed. The once service I enjoyed was gone. Maybe it was a new guy or gal? I don’t know but I never went back and I consider myself a pretty loyal guy.

I myself do more than asked because I know the extra speaks more than the service I was asked to do. I was taught that at an early age from a landscaper. He told me to always do more than you’ve been paid to do. Sweep the porch or walkway. They’ll call you back next time. The extra matters more. He’s right. I lived by that since the day he told me. I never thanked him for it but I will if I ever see him again.

Not sure if Wal-Mart had anything to do with the change in service. I don’t know and I should have asked. It may have been an upset employee who didn’t give me the services I expected. That part is my fault. But planting the money seed will forever have money come to you. Do the service over and over and people will continue to enjoy it. Always do more than expected and people will greatly appreciate you for it. Smile and plant money seed in anything and everything you do.

Wal-Mart didn’t do anything wrong I still shop there today. My trips to the automotive department for oil changing has ended, though. I don’t hate Wal-Mart for this and didn’t mean for them to look bad anyway at all. This post is about how to plant money seeds and using my experience with the automotive department at Wal-Mart was the perfect example. I could have mentioned that treating your employees good would plant money seeds in them as well. Because they will treat you good and more than likely treat the customers good too.

Plant your money seeds and watch them grow!

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