Chris R. Parish


Entrepreneur Pivot!

When you want something bad enough, you must then focus to see what you need to do to move towards it. That way you can do just that to get where you want to be!

Aristotle says in our darkest moments, we must focus to see the light!

After you reached the time in your life where you know it’s time for a change. Step back and focus on where you really want to be and take that path. Take the leap and go! Times like that— when you’ve had enough—move your mind into the position to make that change. Fuck everything else! If you’re wanting to be an entrepreneur, then change in your hat and start doing entrepreneur shit! Start selling!

I know life has us by the balls, or in case you’re female reading this, by the panties! Shit some guys wear panties! When life has you by the panties, piss on it, and do what you want to do! Go be the entrepreneur while you’re still working your job! Bust a 9 to 5 then do a 7 to 1! Go and be who God created you to be! Don’t try, like a dumb shit, go do it! Make your life the one you dream about while working your 9 to 5! The worst the world can say is no! Even if you can’t get anything but a no, keep going! Keep doing!

No is not an answer we will settle for! No! No doesn’t exist in our entrepreneur vocabulary! We see no as an opportunity to pivot and carry on! So make your pivot and carry on doing the entrepreneurial “dribble” and shoot for another goal!

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