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Doorways are where the truth is told. People are always on the go. Ready to get to their lives and live it to the fullest, anyway they know how. Life is meaningless unless you bring meaning to it. Sometimes we think the best ways to live are in the doorways of other people’s lives. No one but yourself will bring meaning to your life.



You may not know it at the moment but later in life, you will see that it was the doorway where you’ve learned everything about yourself. When you walked out on the life you once dreamed of having and when you walked into the life you hate so much. It’s our choices that place us where we are and where we are going. With time comes experience. And with experience comes wisdom. It’s always better to be wise rather than being smart.

Go for the simple things in life. Below, find the 3 simplest things I found and I don’t think it gets any simpler. As Einstein once said, “make everything as simple as possible, but no simpler.”

1. Find someone in your life to laugh and cry with. It’s always good to have someone to share your deepest emotions with.

2. Find something to laugh at. It’s best if you laugh at your own life and yourself in general. We learn from the mistakes we make and enjoying those times will make you a happier person in life.

3. Keep moving forward. As my last post suggested – looking forward – keep moving forward and do not let our past trap us and keep us from reaching the life we dream of. Because, in the end, it’s the journey that matters the most. The funny thing about the future is that it never actually gets here, so keep moving.

I’m going to leave here today and say that the rest of our lives is going to be a continuous education because that’s all we get in life whether we like it or not. The meaning of life, the doorway, is life itself, not noticing life is what’s meaningless, a closed door.

When I finish my book I’m going to dedicate it to the creatives of the world. We spend our time trying to make something for our life, not realizing that our lives are make something of the world. We are the doorways for people to tell the truth to themselves. We are the doorways where truth is told. We are the doorways for our children who inherit the world. Be creative and don’t just open doors, be the doorway.

It’s been a couple weeks since I posted anything and I can sit here and make excuses all day long but I’m not going to. I have just been reading and it occurred to me that I am a doorway for someone else so I had to do my part. And frankly, I’ve been scared. Scared of what you may ask? and I found out that nothing scares anyone more that the unknown. I fear what I don’t know about my future because I want something I may not ever have. I have to accept that and live life in the doorways so that others may have open doors. It’s possible I’m doing it all wrong, but that’s a mistake I willing to learn from, a door to be opened in my own life.

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