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Don’t give up, keep moving forward!

Staying between the lines of life is hard work. Keeping from throwing everything away is hard work. It is easy to stop and do nothing. It’s easy to give up. But, something has to keep us motivated. We have to know who we are and be ourselves. We have to stop hiding and be present for those and ourselves to profit from whatever it is we strive for. We have to keep breaking downs walls if we want to be greater than who we are. But in the end, we can’t overwork ourselves to the point to where we give up. Don’t give up! Keep moving forward.

In order to stay motivated, you have to be motivated by something you feel is greater than you. Motivation is what keeps you and everyone around you motivated. Oh, this is so confusing! Let’s simple it up a bit so that giving up is not on our mind.

Start by setting little goals. Little Goals like running a 1/4 mile. Then, run your little 1/4 mile goal. Done! Motivated to run more? Now 1/2 mile goal. Done. Motivated? Run! Oh, it’s insanity. Fuck yeah-it-is! Because you are motivated! When I go for a run, I normally start out with a small goal. Then, as I’m running I reach the small goal then create another to reach. Then go! I don’t stop and think. I just do. Set small goals. Just do! How do you stay lazy? Easy, just don’t do anything! Give up! Well, it works the same with staying motivated. Do something. Do. Set goals. Meet goals. Break goals! Make more goals. Meet goals. Motivate yourself to stay motivated and give it all you got!

How do I stay Motivated? How do you not give up? Only you can answer those questions. How do you stay motivated? What keeps you waking up after you sleep? What keeps you looking at your phone when it goes off or even when it doesn’t go off? We all do it! What keeps you eating when you are hungry. What keeps you smiling when you’re happy? Define these things! Think them out in as much detail as possible. What are the reasons? Define your reasons, the reasons you do what you do! The reasons you don’t give up!

What keeps me waking up is that I have yet to complete the things I have set out to complete. I look at my phone because I want to be there when someone needs me. I eat because well I love food. Ha ha! I smile not just because I am happy but because it makes you happy, in turn, that makes me smile! That’s motivation. That’s how you stay motivated! Stay active! Stay available. Be who you want everyone else to be. Show them how giving up is not on your mind. Moving forward is.

As you are looking for yourself it takes getting lost to be found. Getting lost in something you don’t normally do. If you don’t like talking in public, then talking in public is a prime example of something you should do to find out who you are. Get lost people, don’t give up!

Don’t give up people, get lost!

When I feel lost..Yes, even I get that way sometimes. I am human you know! So when I get lost I eliminate things that don’t define who I want to be. It’s call minimizing. I reduce the shit I have, the things that don’t define who I am or who I strive to be. I don’t give up, I grow! We get so caught up in collecting things that it begins to define us and it should be the other way around. We should define the things we have! Take control and minimize yourself. We like to have things. It’s a human thing to do. Growing is the human thing to do. Giving up on what you want is not human. Don’t give up!

Cut your distractions and focus on the important things in life. Important things such as family, friends and yourself. Do something you haven’t done with someone important in your life. Let them show you who you are. Show them that you haven’t given up on them. Get back on the floor and play with your kids. Remember you were once there in the same spots. You are you only now you’re hiding and feel lost. You feel like giving up! But YOU can be found if you stop hiding. Don’t give up! Open up, be someone you haven’t been but long to be.

I know you woke up this morning not giving a damn about nobody but yourself. You got up out of bed and was focused only on what to wear. You looked in the mirror thinking about how you looked. You walked out the door leaving everything you love behind you. You spent the day working on and for you. Not giving a thought about anything else.

We get so busy with OUR lives that we forget the reasons we exist. We forget the reasons we do the things we do. So lost in our own little worlds that we miss that others are hurting. Others are giving up on us. Hurting for our attention. Actually starving for our attention. They just want us to notice them. I’m here, they are saying. But we are here too only not focused on anything but ourselves. You’re asked to enjoy some time together, but the whole time you’re somewhere else. Be Present. Give’em all we got when they want it!

Let’s stop. Gather our thoughts. Remember why we do the things we do. Go to those who are starving for our attention and hug them. Tell them you love them. Don’t expect anything in return. Tell them we haven’t given up! I love you is all they want to hear. I love you is all they want you to show them. Love them so they feel your love, not your back. Not your closed door. Not the clothes that are left in the dirty hamper. Not the sweat you left on the mirror. Not the bed you left unmade. Not the picture of you that hangs on the wall. Not the image you’ve created. YOU! The you that they first saw. The eyes that once loved them. The you that you see in the mirror. The arm that once held them. The love of their life. Give them the person you want them to be!

Over the years of our life, we’ve created these walls. For whatever reasons these walls protect us. We may have a wall up that could keep us from moving forward in life. Because we don’t want to lose what we have and protecting it keeps us from going anywhere. Keeps us from moving at all.

What kind of walls keep you from doing something great? My wall—to be 100% real—is not letting people into my personal life. It’s hard when I want to share something and, it could be great. But, I keep myself from doing so because it may be too personal. Damn Chris, shut the fuck up and share it. What are you doing that’s keeping you from moving forward? What’s keeping you from giving up?

You want something you have to go get it! I tell my kids that all the time. Go get it. Stop talking and get up and do it. That’s how things get done. Break down the fucking walls and go! Don’t give up on it.

When you want something bad enough, you put in the work. Sometimes, though, the work we put in is too much! We keep feeding ourselves that eventually, we want to give up! We’re too full! We want to throw in the towel and say fuck it! We’ve scratched our itch so much it’s bleeding. That means it’s time to back off before we actually give up. Take a fuckin’ break!

When I say back off, I only mean take what you’ve got and ponder on it for awhile. Then, come back and start again, fresh. First, once you’ve soaked in the work you’ve already put in, you can come back stronger. You can come back and add to your work. You can build on to it and the foundation becomes so strong, no one can take it away. You can teach it to others. Show them how to pay it forward. Become the master at not giving up!

It takes stepping away sometimes to see things clearer. It takes looking at things from a different angle to see the whole picture. To see things better. You may get so caught up in your work that you miss things. Important things. Things like putting on your pants before you take off. Things that will keep people coming back. Things that may even keep you coming back. These are important, whatever they are. Step back. Ponder! Persevere, because if you want it bad enough, put in the work, just don’t overwork and don’t give up! Keep moving forward!

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