Chris R. Parish


Breaking down walls!

Over the years of our life, we’ve created these walls. For whatever reasons these walls protect us. We may have a wall up that could keep us from moving forward in life. Because we don’t want to lose what we have and protecting it keeps us from going anywhere. Keeps us from moving at all.

What kind of walls keep yo from doing something great? My wall—to be 100% real—is not letting people into my personal life. It’s hard when I want to share something and it could be great. But, I keep myself from doing so because it may be too personal. Damn Chris, shut the fuck up and share it. What are you doing that’s keeping you from moving forward?

You want something you have to go get! I tell my kids that all the time. Go get it. Stop talking and get up and do it. That’s how things get done. Break down the fucking walls and go!

About Chris Parish

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