Chris R. Parish


Be Mine


What’s it going to take for you to be yours? What’s it going to take for you to go and be the person you always wanted to be? There’s no need to wait around expecting the change to come — you have to make the change yourself. You can’t walk without putting one foot in front of the other. Impossible!

Time and time again I will tell you that you are the one to make the changes you want. No one in your life or anyone outside your life can make those changes. Grant it, people can spark something inside you and that can boost your chances of making you be you. This Valentine’s Day, don’t ask anyone to “Be Mine” unless that someone is you. Be You! Love yourself so that others will love you. Make yourself the person you always wanted to be. There isn’t anything stopping you from making those choices, not me, not your family or your friends — you’re in charge, you are the boss of bosses when it comes to yourself.

It’s not hard to make a conscious choice to begin being the person you strive to be. There’s no person alive that can take your choice away. Go get yourself! Stop hiding behind words such as I wish I was or one day I will be and grant your wish and be! If you can make the choice today, I know you can, then tomorrow greatness awaits. Those that watch you grow will be inspired to begin their journey and they’ll begin to grow, then the next and the next. Motivate a mind to motivate a mind. I fucking love it! Be someone and lead others so they can lead and be someone. No need to sit and wait on happiness when we can create happy moments every minute of our lives. We are in control.

When you stand and take control and show the world who it is you want to be, nothing can or will hold you back, but you! And you will not hold yourself back once you’ve made the choice to flourish. I’m the master of my destiny and guess what, I hold a full-time job outside of my writing. Something has to support my love, right? I love life and my wife and my kids and myself because I choose those things. I chose to be the man I have become and I also have chosen to grow into a better man. Nothing happens overnight, there are no overnight successes, but you can make a choice to change, overnight!

Tomorrow when you wake up and get up out of bed, you are going to be a brand new person. You are going to look at the world through different eyes. You are going to love yourself better than you have ever loved yourself. You are going to love everyone in your life just because you have chosen to. You make the choices in your life regardless of who thinks they are pulling the strings. Don’t be a puppet, take the imaginary scissors and cut those imaginary strings. That’s all that will keep you from doing anything, your imagination, and that’s what will make you, you! You put the strings in your hands, let them go and tell you, to be mine!

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