Chris R. Parish


Halito, I’m Christopher Parish, I’m a writer. I’m here on this blog to share Gods word. His voice is in his word. That’s what you’ll find here and I hope you guys hold me to it as I expect God to.

On May 6th, 2018 I fully committed my life to God. To do Gods work. To share his word with the world or whoever is willing to listen. I will be forever a student of God.

I am married to a beautiful woman, Jennifer, who I call Marie, which is her middle name, a daughter named Keisha, and we care for my wife’s youngest brother Nicholas. We are in the great state of Oklahoma. I am Choctaw, which Oklahoma in Choctaw means Red People.

God I am asking you to give me these following inner qualities, wisdom, understanding and impartiality and give me the ability to recognize my limitations so that I may lead others to you, and I understand that disobedience leads to lose, and I don’t want to be lost,  in Jesus name, Amen.