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A Rerouted Life by The Voice of God!


There was a time in my life where I made a huge decision to set my life on a different course. I wanted something so different that I packed up my Marlboro bag – a bag you could order with the old Marlboro miles – and took off. I was determined for change, I actually made the choice to make it happen. Then, something strange happened…

It was the early 2000’s and I didn’t have a job, nor did I have my own place. I lived with my mother and her boyfriend. My girlfriend at the time lived one town over and with her mother. We were in a serious relationship, no doubt about that, but I chose to give that up as well. Problem was, the change I hungered for wasn’t meant to be. With my Marlboro bag packed as packed as I could get it I headed off into the world, for California. At the time, I had a cousin, Jackie who I was close too, like a brother to me, no, he is a brother to me, who lived in Cali. I was headed his way on the dark streets of Texas. It was going to be a journey I would soon brag about, but sadly, or maybe not so sadly, it never happened. Sorry, Jac!

During the darkness of the warm night, as I walked the streets headed south to visit my girl and tell her about my crazy journey, something unexpected happened. The voice of God came down and shook the ground. I soon found out I wasn’t going anywhere. No, it wasn’t an earthquake, although, that too would have made up my mind. My bag was heavy, I weighed a buck 40 probably at the time and my bag was right up there with me. Still, I was unstoppable, or so I thought. The closer I got to town the freer I felt. My dreams were about to become a reality, no money and no way of getting any either, I was free! Free from what? It sure wasn’t the bills because like I said, I lived with my mother.

Bag in hand, the skies darker than the night, a strange scary sound came through the trees to the west of me. It literally shook me up inside, there was a continuous popping sound and something vibrating and rumbling the ground before and under me. What the…my heart began racing, my legs moving faster and faster, my bag getting heavier and heavier. Pop, pop, rumble, rumble, pop…wet! No, I didn’t piss myself, I was soaked from head to toe in a matter of minutes. The popping and rumbling were right on top of me and God was dropping buckets of water from the heavens, he was determined to let me know I wasn’t going anywhere. A rainstorm? Really? I was at least a few miles from my mother’s and damn it, I was soaked, everything I owned soaked!

Then, God made something else happen! Three miles from my mother’s house and it’s raining cats and dogs, I was so screwed. What was I going to do? Carry on…in this? No Thank You! Luckily there was a gas station just ahead and right across the four-lane highway, I could use a payphone, yes, they had those back then. As I approached the gas station soak and wet, heart still racing from just a few minutes before, I see something familiar, it’s my mother’s truck! She was there getting gas after a trip to the grocery store. God works in mysterious ways, he rerouted my life, sent me back home with my mother. Remember the random things make the life we have worth living. It’s at these times when you learn the path you’ve chosen isn’t the one that you’re meant to lead.

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